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A.J. van Riel – Chief Executive Officer

Cathodic protection for ships. Custom anodes made in the Netherlands.

Manufacturer of sacrificial anodes, plates, casting round, elements, disks for deck and engine stores. Produced in zink, aluminium or magnesium. The core of our business is the factory founded in 1983 where our products are produced. A Dutch product that’s known for its quality and effective protection. The cathodic protection of ships is our product its objective.

The quality of our products is not only important for the ship, but also for our customer relatationships. When customers are satisfied the continuity of the company is guaranteed. We are proud of the customer relations we have built over the years. Some of which we have maintained for 30+ years.

We aim for the highest quality specialized products. Our experienced staff is commited to provide you with the best service. If a product is not a standard size or readily available we can provide you with custom anodes produced in our factory. For more information send us a drawing of the required products.

For product inquiries or questions about our services contact us by phone:

+31 (0)10 – 452 49 85 or mail us at info@zhmmetals.com.

Zinco Holland Metals transport. Locatie Waalhaven N.Z. 91 Rotterdam.

Our transport warrants fast delivery

With our truck and delivery vans we can gaurantue a fast delivery. Many products are delivered without added costs in the Rotterdam Rijnmond area.

Just in time delivery

Fast delivery for the shipping industry with our warehouse located in the harbour of Rotterdam. Our warehouse is easily accessible and has plenty of parking.

Picking up product orders is possible at our warehouse.

Harbour number 2074

Aluminium, zink and magnesium anodes directly from our factory.

  • Fast delivery
  • Delivery to both companies and individuals
  • Recycling of anode materials

Contact us for more information 010 452 49 85.